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Start Resolution Right, Start Slow!

Wooah! Slow down on your Get Fit, Weight Loss New Year resolution!!!

Too many of us make losing weight and/or getting in shape our #1 New Year resolution only to fizzle out after the first month. Why is this? Many people just hit it too hard. Meaning whatever they are doing they overdo! For example, when they go to the gym they do too much, either too much weight, too much strenuous activity, etc. They get themselves too sore, too tired or both! Then they are unable to work out for a few days which during this time they get discouraged and quit. Dieters go to extremes as well. They may starve themselves for days trying to reach unattainable goals resulting in a binge later on. Whether it’s overexerting your body or starving it, you’re doomed to fail on your resolution. Therefore it is essential that you take it slow and build momentum.

So what is the best way to start?

Whether you’re starting a new diet program, a new exercise program or both, just start off very small. Take baby steps. For your diet, for example, if you’re use to eating 3000 plus calories daily just try and reduce to 2500 calories a day for first week or so. Do not try and go from 3000 to 1000 calories overnight! Your body will not have time to adjust and you will develop cravings. So slowly decrease your calorie intake overtime. If you’re starting the 5-2 program where you fast two days a week, you can try one day a week or just up your calories a bit on fast days. Do this the first week or two, and then transition into full 5-2 mode!

Hitting the gym or exercising at home? Again start slow! The first time just keep exercises very light and easy. Do not exceed 20 minutes. Your intent for your first week or so should to be just getting into the habit and routine, not to over exert yourself and get burn out. After you develop a rhythm of exercising in a week or so, then slowly start make it more challenging for your body. It is good to get a bit sore as breaking down muscle tissue is part of the strengthening process. My only point here is to make sure you’re not getting very sore too soon thereby thwarting your efforts. You should only be sore enough that your body recovers in a day. If you’re sore more than a day or two and unable to work out, you have definitely over done it!

So the key to a successful weight loss, get fit resolution is starting it slow! Make sure you set your goal dates far out enough to give yourself time to reasonably achieve! The first month should be more about developing better habits, letting your body adjust, and gaining momentum. Then in February and March you can take it to the next level and really achieve great results!

Remember take it slow in the beginning, but be sure to crank it up later! You will have longer term success! Happy New Year and best of luck to you!

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