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Coffee Fasters Lose Faster!

Got your coffee?  If not you may want to go get some after reading this! If you chose to read this, then you’re most likely a coffee lover. With that assumption behind us, let’s get to the big question… Is drinking coffee really beneficial to our fasting or diet?
Does it really matter? If you love coffee you’re going to drink it anyway right? Well, it does matter because depending on how you prefer your coffee can be a difference between 5 calories or almost 500 calories! For example:
A black coffee: 5 calories, 0 fat grams (can drink 1-6 cups and still consider that you’re fasting!)
White Chocolate Mocha (Starbucks, grande size): 470 calories, 18 grams of fat, compare to a double cheese burger at McDonalds is 430 calories and 21 grams of fat!  This is not fasting or any kind of diet, rather a cheat!  Well actually you could still enjoy it while fasting or dieting…  On a fasting day you could have your white chocolate mocha and call it a day! …or could drink black coffee or with a little cream and sugar costing you anywhere from 5 to 150 calories. (You have to figure out the calories depending on how you mix your coffee) Then use remaining 350 calories or so to eat healthier.  If you go for the mocha though, you won’t be able to eat much more the rest of the day.
White Chocolate Mocha (470 cals)  VS Double Cheeseburger (430 cals)
mochacheeseburger doble
Many people like to start their day with coffee. You can drink 1-3 cups of black coffee throughout the morning and not really have any significant calorie intake!  If this is a fasting day for you that is great because you just have just a half day left and still can have your 500-600 calorie allowance per the 5-2 Fast Diet plan.
Coffee can also work at night for your fasting or diet. Do you find yourself on the couch at night watching TV and getting the munchies? This is often the case because we’re actually feeling tired and the snack wakes us up. Well next time try just having a little coffee! Can even throw in a little cream and sugar, what the heck! You were probably going for the bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream anyway! So now you’re having hopefully less than 100 calories instead of 500 or more! So you may have harder time falling asleep, but may be worth it right? If the caffeine is just too much for you at night then have decaf.  No matter you probably just want to limit yourself to one cup at night. The earlier in the evening the better so the caffeine has time to wear off.
couch potato
Like yours with cream and sugar? …or milk rather?  Consider using skim milk or a low fat cream. Artificial sweeteners may have less of even zero calories but are considered to have potential health concerns. So do your homework on the ingredients you use and make sure at least that you’re aware of what you’re putting in your body.
Still have to have that fancy latte or mocha at your local coffee shop?  You can ask them to use skim or low fat milk and go easy on the whip cream or none at all. It is best if you check out the nutritional info online before going to the coffee shop.  Then decide ahead of time what coffee beverage you may enjoy and that meets your dietary needs. (Some businesses have a website with the nutritional info on their drinks, of course Starbucks does)  Definitely pass on the doughnut, croissant, or giant muffin. Bottoms up and enjoy your java!
indexno donut
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