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How does 200 Calories Look?

Following 5:2 Intermittent fasting diet is not as difficult as most people think. On a fasting day you are allowed to have up to 500 calories for women and 600 for men, the secret is how wisely you choose your meals. There are lots of hidden calories in food, we tend to think that a little bite of a chocolate or having few chips doesn’t harm without really knowing how many calories we are adding to our daily intake.

Food and beverage labeling are the most accurate source we have to know how many calories are in food.  Are we really that able to calculate without watching labels or consulting our calorie counter app?   With practice, we can learn how to calculate a portion and have an idea of how many calories there are in most common foods.   This is an important skill when it comes to dieting because you won’t always have access to the specific nutritional content of the food you’re eating. Often when you are dining out or in a social setting, it is not always feasible or even appropriate to check calorie content of the food. Armed with this knowledge you can give your best guess-timate to the calories you’re eating to help you stick to your daily goal.  If you feel the need you can always check later to see how accurate you were.


Did you know a big bowl of strawberries has the same calories as a small spoon of Nutella?

Strawberry = Nutella


Calorific has developed a very helpful applications that show us in pictures how many in quantity calories looks like in food.  Hard to believe half a blueberry muffin has the same calories as 12.3oz of blueberries.

Here we provide you with some pictures for you to learn what quantity of specific food makes 200 calories.  Click on picture to large version


Calorific was created inspired by WiseGeek article –  What does 200 Calories Look Like?  Here are some of their pictures.   Click on picture for description and large version.


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