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Hitting Plateau?

width="1612"From the very beginning of doing 5:2 FastDiet, you may be amazed about how scale’s numbers start moving down just after first week…  you have an euphoric feeling of accomplishment, then after some weeks scale may stops moving…  even when you haven’t changed anything and keep doing great about your fast days, then you get frustrated and wonder what can be happening.  Well, maybe you have hit a plateau.  First of all, don’t feel discourage, it can be something you have changed without even being aware.  On non-fast days it’s easy to over eat or it could be many other reasons, even a hormone imbalance.  Check back on your daily calories and water intake, daily physical activity, etc.  It can be the case that your measurements are still going down and scale will soon do after few days.

Some people switch for a while from 5;2 to 4:3 to break plateau….  meaning that they add an additional fasting day, and normal eating for 4 days.

It seems that those who get better results from 4:3 are those who don’t want to cut back at all on non-fast days, or at least adjust to what should be ‘normal’. For those who eat normally, it generally seems to make very little difference if you throw in an extra fast day, surprisingly. There were some interesting statistics on the Fast Day site which showed only a hundred grams or so extra weight loss a week from doing 4:3 over 5:2 – so worth doing if you don’t lose on 5:2, but otherwise not worth doing! Useful for breaking a plateau or for compensating for an upcoming holiday, or perhaps for a short-term more intensive blitz.

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