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Dr Michael Mosley


Dr. Michael Mosley is a British science journalist, TV presenter, self experimenter, and has worked for the BBC since 1985.  He is probably best known as a presenter on television programs about biology and medicine, as well as his regular appearance on The One Show.

Dr. Mosley now known by “The 5:2 Guy”,  discovered the powerful new science behind the ancient idea of fasting, and he thinks he’s found a way of doing it that still allows him to enjoy his food.

In August 2012 he was credited with popularizing the 5:2 Diet, after appearing in the BBC Horizon documentary Eat, Fast & Live Longer.  The documentary became an instant hit, which in turn led Mimi Spencer, a food and fashion writer, to propose that they collaborate on a book. The result is 5:2 Diet Book a 200-page paperback: the first half written by Dr. Mosley outlining the scientific findings of intermittent fasting; the second by Ms. Spencer, with encouraging text on how to get through the first days of fasting.

 After his appearance in BBC talking about his new 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, he has become very popular in UK and Europe and now across United States.

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