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Welcome to Your New Way of Living!

If you are like many of us, that have been around following as many diets as have found to lose weight, sometimes with wonderful success, some others not that much, but just after few months and lot of effort, you get tired to be deprived of your favourites meals and treats and just quit and start eating as you did before, just to gain all the weight back and even little more.  That is so frustrating!!!

We have very good news for you!!!  Following 5:2 Fast Diet you really never get tired, because you are still able to eat the things you like the most during your non-fast days…  is usual that during your fast day you are craving a chocolate, pizza or a slice of cake, but just thinking you can have it next day make things easier.  Isn’t it wonderful???  It’s true that you can eat normally on your non-fast day, but it has to be within reason…  doesn’t mean you can have as many slices of pizza as you want.  It does make sense!  To learn more about Intermittent Fasting keep reading “How it Works”  We are sure you will find very helpful information of how to follow, get motivated, get low calories recipes and much more.  Please keep in touch with us, make comments, let us know about your progress, etc.


Do the right thing! Choose healthy foods for your future

Do the right thing! Choose healthy foods!

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