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Benefits of 5-2

Why should you do intermittent fast dieting instead of regular dieting? There are many good diet programs out there to lose weight. Beside losing weight, intermittent fasting
  offers unique benefits such as:



  • Lowering your IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), risk reduction for many diseases, cancer being one.
  • After fasting for at least 12 hours straight, your body clicks into much needed “repair mode”.
  • Many report experiencing better mood when fasting and increased focus.
  • Boosts effectiveness of insulin produced in response to elevated blood glucose, resulting in: 
  • Reduces risk of obesity
    • Reduces risk of diabetes
    • Reduces risk of heart disease
    • Reduces risk of cognitive decline

One reason 5-2 Fast Diet is so popular is because it allows a person to eat as they normally would most of the time. No longer do you need to worry about holidays or special occasions where you’re surrounded by good food. You simply plan accordingly by fasting on two other days that week and still enjoy eating on that special day!



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