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The Dieting Game – How to Play

Dieting is a mind game and you have to play to win.  We all like to play a game now and then, right?  Whether it’s a video or board game, we all want to win.  Well there are certain things we do once we become determined to get good at a particular game.  So how does it come about that we win a particular game we’re playing?  (Of course there are lucky winners in most games, but not dieting!) The first thing that happens is we tell ourselves that we are going win! So just like your favorite game, you must become determined to win the dieting game. 
The first thing that happens is we tell ourselves that we are going win!
Many of us have developed a certain amount of skill at a particular game and have achieved a fairly consistent level of success. Hopefully you have too, but if not read on as this advice could change your life! If you are one of those who have won consistently at a game but keep losing with your diet, then this can help you as well.  There are common things that we do when we consistently win (or get better) at a game that also apply to dieting. Here they are:

1.       Adopt a strategy (we recommend the 5-2 Fast Diet!) Of course there are many diet strategies to choose from and what works for some may not work for you. No matter which one you choose be sure to do your homework and consult your physician. The key is to stick with it long enough to give it


a chance to work. Most diet programs take a few weeks to over a month to show results.

2.       Keep clear head and control you emotions  .  Ever got angry playing a board game or been with someone who has? Usually doesn’t end well right? Too much stress, anger, or sadness can cause you to over eat or engage in binge eating.  If you let yourself get depressed over slow results you’re likely to give up your diet too soon.  So stay happy and positive. Everyone has an off day, you just have to accept and do better the next day!
3.       Keep playing; keep trying… each day you should gain more knowledge, experience and understanding.  Video game players are notorious for this! They keep playing over and over until they achieve success! Each time they play they learn and adapt until they get better. After many plays, they get that high score they wanted. This also works for dieting! Every day you have to want to play and do so! You have to keep trying, so eventually you succeed.
video game
4.       Continually monitor results and improve. There are certain games that we play which are more conducive to monitoring results. Video games usually save your highest score and sometimes other stats. Even with a board game like checkers, we keep mental tabs of our success. Ever tell yourself “I suck at that” or “ooh I love that game!” These are both mental notes as to our success at a certain game.  With dieting, most of us use the scale to weigh ourselves daily.  You can take it a step further and record your weight in a journal. Then off course you want to strive each day to do better and ultimately reach your goal.
High Score
5.       Cheating doesn’t pay in the long run.  As you should know from game playing experience, cheating doesn’t make you successful. Same goes in dieting.
6.       Play well with others. Most people see dieting as a game of solitaire but it doesn’t have to be. Find someone who you can diet with together. Could be your spouse, a friend, or maybe just a friend online.  Great for accountability, learning from people’s success and failure, and encouragement.
Poker game
7.       Cockiness and bragging usually backfires. Happens at the game table all the time right? Stay humble. You can jinx yourself! If you’re doing that well losing weight, people will notice! 
Be in it to WIN it!
Lastly you must be “In it to WIN it!”   It’s really all about having that determined mindset that you’re going to WIN.  Once you click your brain in the WIN mode, all the rest will come naturally.
victory dance
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