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Free eBook "Walking Yourself to Fitness"

Walking is great for weight lose, you walk everyday.  You walk to your car, you walk to your kitchen and maybe you walk your dog.  It’s as natural as eating or sleeeping, and you’ve probably been walking for a few decades.  So it might surpirise you to learn that this fundamental way of moving around is actually quite good for your health and wellbeing.  There are an abundance of mental, physical and emotional benefits to walking.  In fact, walking has been shown to improve sleep, treat depression and to reverse chronic health conditions like type 2 diabetes.  10,000 steps and beyond.  It takes around ten minutes to walk 1,000 steps.  Doctors recommends about 10,000 steps a day which is the equivalent of about 100 minutes of excercise.  Once you have achived the 10,000 steps a day, you can increase the intensity, steps and other exercises into your day so that you continue improving your health and fitness.

What’s uniquely wonderful about walking is that most everyone can do it.  You don’t need any special skills to walk. Fancy and expensive equipment isn’t required.  You can be in terrible health or good health and walk.  People all ages and abilities can benefit from walking.  You don’t have to go outside to walk.  A simple walking treadmill can help you exercise while you work, watch television or keep an eye on young children.

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