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How Often to Weigh Yourself


Once we begin a weight loss plan whether its intermittent fasting, dieting, and/or exercising, we can’t resist from stepping on that scale! We find it very rewarding to see the pounds drop off as result of our effort.

Some people jump to the scale as soon as they wake up every morning, while others prefer to weigh just once a week/month. Some people just ignore the scale and stick to monitoring measurements and how loose their clothing fits.

According to research by Jessica LaRose, Ph.D. assistant professor of social and behavioral health at VCU School of Medicine, it is shown that generally individuals who are asked to weigh daily as part of a lifestyle program like it and find it to be a valuable tool.  It suggests that daily self-weighing may be a tool that can be recommended broadly.  She says daily self-weighing is a way in which to teach individuals to view their weight not as “good” or “bad,” but rather as information. Encouraging them to remove the personal judgment from the number on a scale and regard it as just a number that can use to see if they are on target with their goals.

That said, whether or not to weigh yourself every day is an individual choice. The downside to daily weighing is our body’s tendency to fluctuate in weight. This fluctuation is perfectly normal as is due to varying levels of water retention, the weight of the food you ate, clothing you’re wearing, and other factors. It does not necessarily reflect actual weight gained or lost. Therefore it is difficult to see a steady decline in your weight on a daily basis. This can be very discouraging to some.  Those not comfortable with this or who believe it may lead them to think about their weight in an unhealthy way should consider alternative methods of self-monitoring.   Other options may be to weigh yourself every other day or at least once a week.  For 5:2 Fast Dieters, the morning after your fasting day is recommended.  No matter how often, try to stick to the same day of the week and the same time.  


Source: Psychology Today

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