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Make Fast Diet Fun

Look at the title again, “Make Fast Diet Fun”.  The key word here folks is MAKE. Dieting or fasting is just like anything else you do in your life.  Most all our activities we do, we start with a preconceived notion of what will feel like during the activity. When it comes to things like dieting, we often tell ourselves negative things like “this is going to be hard”, “this is impossible”, “I hate doing this” etc.  Whereas on the other hand we tell ourselves positive things about stuff we want to do.  Things like “I can’t wait to see that movie!” or “I love football season” or “Baking is fun”. 
You should start with telling yourself positive things about your diet or fast. Is it really that easy? Of course not always, but it is essential to your success.  If nothing else, at least avoid complaining or negativity about your diet. It is fundamental to success in anything that we maintain a positive outlook on what we are trying to achieve. Especially in the face of hardship and adversity!  It is important that you understand at this point that just thinking positive is not the only key to success. There are many other factors as well. However this article is just focused on the MAKE it FUN aspect!
The key word here folks is MAKE.
So let’s get into the how of Making it FUN!
  • Keep a balanced life. Don’t make your diet or fasting the main focus of your day. Don’t obsess with food or your weight.  Many people do this and not only become miserable but make others around them miserable.  Here are a few rules of thumb:
  1. Do not make it your main conversation topic.
  2. Only give diet planning a small percentage of your day.
  3. Thinking or fretting about it all day will prevent you from accomplishing other stuff.
  4. Make sure to incorporate physical activity; especially doing fun things with your loved ones! Get outdoors.balance
  • Do it with others.  Partner up with someone else who is trying to lose weight. You can share ideas, encourage each other, and enjoy accomplishment together.  You never want to force others into your diet or fast regime. This will only cause animosity and strain to your relationships.  You can share with others and encourage them to try, but know when to take a hint that they’re not interested. Find someone who wants to diet with you!Partner
  • Plan interesting menus.  The internet is full of yummy recipes. Many you find will have the nutritional info included. (i.e. calories, fat grams, etc) Try googling “low fat or low calorie recipes”) May want to narrow your search to foods you know you like and may already have ingredients in your home. It can be discouraging if you come across a book or site full of exotic or far out recipes then what your use too. Unless you’re feeling adventurous to try, just move on. Find those diet recipes that suit you and your taste buds. You’re much more likely to succeed in familiar territory.  Look for low calorie recipes of entrees you already enjoy. Most dishes we think of as bad have low-calorie versions.menu
  • Reward yourself. New clothes, new TV, new gym membership, new tablet, new treadmill, go on a cruise… reward yourself with something you really want! Make it contingent to reaching a specific weight goal. Maybe stay away from rewarding yourself with a meat lovers pizza or large ice cream sundae! If you’ve been successfully avoiding high calorie, high fat food; is probably best to keep away from it.
  • Learn to cook or bake (better, healthier). This one kind of goes with “find interesting recipes”, but applies more to people who enjoy being in the kitchen and want to learn to cook better. Besides just finding new recipes, try learning new cooking techniques, using new spices and herbs, or work on your presentation. Invite others to try your new dishes and make into a social gathering.
  • Don’t enjoy cooking, dine out mostly?  Try new restaurants that emphasize healthy eating or ordering off the “Low Calorie” section at your usual restaurants.
 Enjoy the results!
Lastly make sure you enjoy the results! People will notice and compliment you. You’ll have more energy and be able to enjoy other things in life more. You can try new things that maybe you were physically unable to do before. Buy that new outfit that shows off your new figure! Now go and lose weight but MAKE it FUN!have fun
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