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Halloween – Have Your Candy and Eat it Too!

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Trick or Treat my fellow fast dieters! As Halloween is such a big holiday here in the US, I decided to do a special Halloween post.  Maybe you’re not into Halloween, but surely you like candy right?  Regardless I encourage you to read on.  Hopefully you’ll find some good tips on how to avoid the dreaded candy binge no matter the occasion!
Every year we face the same temptation. Halloween is rapidly approaching and we start stocking up on the candy to pass out to all the neighborhood kids.  Of course it sits there in our sight every day until Halloween taunting you!  If you’re like most of us you give in and indulge yourself! Hopefully not the whole bag! 
…avoid the dreaded candy binge no matter the occasion!
Here are some of our best recommendations:
  • Buy the candy you don’t like that much. If you by your favorite surely you’ll be reaching for it! Don’t go too cheap though or buy the stuff no one likes; the little neighborhood goblins will get you!
  • Buy it closer to Halloween, that way it is not in your home for so long, tempting you.
  • Have a family member hide it from you. Trusting them not to eat it of course!
  • Buy candy that is less calories and fat free.  If you know you’re going to be sampling it, then better buy the candy that is less fattening.   Many types of candy are just sugar mostly and have no fat.  Stay away from the candy bars especially with nuts, as these do have fat content!  Don’t buy the sugar-free or special dieter candy to give out to kids. You can certainly buy it for yourself.  The kids however will not appreciate it and you may find a trick they left you!
  • Buy hard candy that you have to suck on a while.  It’s hard to binge on something you can’t quickly chew up! Plus it’s fat free!
  •  Avoid extra sweets! Cookies, cupcakes, caramel apples, ice cream, soda… really??? Isn’t all the Halloween candy enough? Why add to the madness?  Put your effort and money into decorations or costumes or anything besides extra food. You’ll feel much better about it later!
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If you must over eat the sweets, then compensate the day after with a fast day!
Still gotta have all that candy and extra yummy stuff? Maybe you have a long family tradition indulging on lots of sweets during Halloween.  If you must over eat the sweets, then compensate the day after with a fast day! Just limit your day after Halloween to 500-600 calories. Want to do even better?  Then have a good workout on Halloween morning.  There are many ways to “have your candy and eat it too!” You just have to plan ahead of time and do it right. Happy Halloween!
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