The benefits of fasting

The reason many people turn to the 5:2 diet is for weight loss, but there are also a growing number of studies that suggest that the approach may hold a whole host of additional benefits such as:

● Reduced insulin resistance

● Improved brain function

● Reduced risk of some cancers, heart disease and stroke

● Decreased risk of developing dementia


What happens when you fast? Dr Mosley’s lowdown…

‘During the first 24 hours of a fast, big changes occur inside your body.

‘Within a few hours, the levels of sugar (glucose) circulating in your blood will begin to fall.

‘When it’s not replaced by food, your body will start looking for energy in the form of glucose that is stored in your muscles and liver, called glycogen.

‘Once stores of glycogen begin to run low (around 10 to 12 hours after your last meal), your body switches into fat-burning mode.

‘It’s called “flipping the metabolic switch”.

‘When this happens, fat is released from your fat stores.

‘The longer you can avoid sugar and cut back on carbohydrates, the longer you should be able to preserve this ketogenic fat-burning state, so stick to low-carb and low-sugar foods.’