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Wholefoods with intermittent fasting – the 2019 diet



Keto and detox diets are passe’. The 2019 diet plans are going to centre around intermittent fasting and Whole Grain diets. Dieticians state that not only is it time to eat wholesome chow but eating at a particular time will also be important.

Bangalore based dietician Ryan Fernando is certain that intermittent fasting is going to be the fad in 2019. Simply put, intermittent fasting means keeping away from food for long durations. And eating a good amount for a short while.

“A person may eat his last meal at 5.30 pm and then not consume anything till the next day 12 noon. So, between 12 noon and 5.30 pm, he will eat the amount he wants to eat,” adds Fernando.

Dieticians state that intermittent fasting is actually an ancient method of keeping good health. However, intermittent fasting as a principle went into the background and more ‘modern’ diets came into existence.

This kind of fasting, if done well, also increases energy and sometimes helps in type 2 diabetes. In some cases intermittent fasting will also be accompanied by a Whole Grain diet, predict dieticians.

According to one such Dhvani Shah, who primarily caters to clients with medical conditions, eating whole grains is going to be big in 2019.

“Whole grains are high in fiber and one can feel full fast, naturally the food consumption will then be lesser, hence the reduction in weight,” said Shah.

While the choice of foods will not alter as much, the version of the foods will be different. “Instead of the rice flour rotis, people will have rice. Same for something like bajra, instead of the roti, they will have bajra in its original form,” Shah explained. The advantage of this is that the nutrients in the whole grain are more or less intact when compared to turning whole grain into a processed item.

Dieticians state that both, whole grains and intermittent fasting will also bring about an attitude change in people. If whole grains are consumed, there is less of processed food going into the system. And fasting will bring about some amount of mental peace if done properly, say dieticians.


Source: DNA

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