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Gain Control of Emotional and Social Eating


Emotional eating can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Resorting to eating when we are stressed, depressed, worried, anxious, angry, sad, bored or lonely is a very common mistake.  We eat without being really hungry so our daily calorie intake is very high. When you find yourself overeating for emotional reasons, think twice, ask yourself if you are really hungry.  If so try to avoid sugary, fatty and high-calorie food, instead eat fruit or a healthy low-calorie snack, that will do the trick. Try to keep your mind busy by reading a book, going for a walk, organizing or cleaning, call a friend or relative.  Do anything, but stay away from kitchen.  Avoid eating while watching TV or otherwise occupied. A study published in the journal Psychological Science finds that eating or drinking while mentally distracted require greater concentrations of sweetness, sourness, or saltiness to feel satisfied. A slightly sweet snack may be just perfect when you are concentrating on each bite, but it tastes bland if you are eating while your attention is divided.


Social eating poses another big challenge for your weight loss progress in your 5:2 Fasting Diet.  Holidays such as  Thanksgiving and Christmas, or even birthdays and many other social events where food has a main role are a common pitfall for dieters. One good tip is to never go hungry to an event, you can still eat what you like if you keep your portions under control.   Try having a low calorie day prior to your social event.  Make healthy choices such as having a good portion of salad and smaller portions of sweets or high-calorie dishes.  Be social, by walking around and talking with friends and stay away from the food table.   You will find these techniques very rewarding while still enjoying your social events.



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