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Smartwatch Fitness Bracelet Y2 Plus for Android IOS Smart


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Y2 plus Smart Band
Touching Operation/OLED display screen/Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Blood Oxygen

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Sports bracelet, joined the OLED display, through the touch round buttons, you can display the current time, the number of steps, heart rate , and even the mileage , heat and other data, when not convenient touch operation, can automatically lift the bracelet, the bracelet display the current time, easy and convenient.
Smart sports wristbands, heart rate, pedometer , calorie, distance, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, Call reminder, alarm clock and other functions. Heart rate monitoring is through the built-in motion sensor can read the heart rate changes, the movement of the heart rate monitoring and prompt, let you according to heart rate, free planning exercise time, scientific movement
Smart sports bracelet, bracelet wristband body part adopts the tough TPE materials, skin contact part adopts soft skin material. Breathable anti sweat, bring good wear feeling
IP54 waterproof and dustproof, can go to the protective effects of short immersion, can be worn on the hand wash their hands or when it rains, effectively prevent cosmetics, sweat corrosion

Vibration: silence / vibration
Waterproof level: IP54
Compatible system: Android 4.3 and above, iOS version 8 and above
Main features: heart rate, pedometer, calorie, distance, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, blood pressure
Call reminder, alarm clock reminder
Screen size: 0.87 inches OLED
Screen type: OLED
Bluetooth: 4.0BLE (low power)
Battery type: lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity: 60mAh
Charging method: USB dedicated charging line
Charging time: about 1.5H
Control mode: key control, mobile phone APP control
Product language: Chinese / English
Bracelet size: L*W*H=40.3*15.7*11MM
Wrist size: length 235MM, adjustable length 155-210MM
Appearance material: body – plastic wristband — thermoplastic elastomer, Aluminum Alloy
Product color: black, green, orange, blue

Package Included :
1 x Y2 Bluetooth smart bracelet
1 x Charging Cablespo

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