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Preempt Those February Blues!

Many of us experience the February Blues. It’s a time of the year where we find ourselves to be less happy than usual, maybe even sad or depressed. Why is this? There could be several reasons for this but some are more common than others. Well in most parts of the world it is typically colder and wintertime is still prevalent. Less sun and more clouds can certainly cause one to feel less cheery. Also the holidays are over and all the fun and fellowship associated with them have now past.  Most of us look forward to spring season, with its budding trees, blooming flowers, birds chirping and warmer weather!  Yet this early in the year, spring feels so far away. So what does all this have to do with weight loss and the 5-2 Fast Diet? Well when we feel down or depressed we tend to not care about dieting and we over eat.  Then our weight gain and/or failure to diet cause us to feel even worse!
Have you declared “losing weight” as one of your New Year’s Resolutions?  If not, you still can! It’s still early enough in the year. Whether or not you have, you’re obviously here because you’re interested in losing more weight, right? Here are some tips to get you through February 2016:
spring coming
  •  Well just as 2016 is a new year, February is a new month! So look at it as a fresh start or re-start!  If you’re motivated to look better on the beach during spring break or just sport a new summer wardrobe then time is of the essence! If you didn’t do so well in January, well it’s now time to step up your game! Spring is around the corner and you still have time!
  • Many of us do better if we slowly gain momentum.  If you only lost a couple of pounds in January, then make it your goal to lose 5 pounds in February. Even if you didn’t lose any weight in January, just look to do better, to try a little harder.

be happy

  • Look for other ways to find cheerfulness and positivity in February. The idea here is you want to do everything you can to stay positive and be happy. If you’re in a good mood it should be easier to stick to your weight loss goals!
  • Keep in mind that in colder weather our tendency is to stay cuddled up indoors and exercise less. If that is you, well your best bet for weight loss is just to eat less. If you haven’t tried the 5-2 Fast Diet, then now is as good a time as ever!


  • Be accountable to somebody. This is always a good practice. It is easy to fail if you know you don’t have to share with anyone your actions or lack of.  Recruit your best friend or significant other or someone else that will support you. Tell them your goal and then make it a point to report to them at least once a week. They should hopefully be supportive yet able to make you feel just guilty enough if you fail. Sometimes we all need a little verbal reprimand along with some encouragement. If they are someone you love and respect, then you should accept and respect any feedback they give you whether good or bad.
So if you find yourself “down in the dumps”, “down and out” or whatever you want to call it, know you’re not alone! It’s that time of the year and most of us are feeling it.  Take action now, be proactive and preempt those February blues and have a Happy February!

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