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Having a Successful and Delicious Fast Day

If you still think that after starting 5:2 Fast Diet you will be starving, you will be surprised about all the food you can eat on your fast day and still call it a successful fast and lose weight!  You can plan your menu in advance to make it easier and make your grocery list.  Cook everything a day before to take to work or store in fridge so you don’t have to cook next day.

An example of a successful fasting day with three meals could be something like this:



Ham Omelet

Having eggs for breakfast is one of the favorite choices for almost everyone, it can give you the perfect start to your day and be a great way to fuel up after a long night’s rest.

1 medium egg:                  78 calories

1 wafer thin slice of ham: 19 calories




Prawn Salad with Pickled Cucumber-  100 calories

This is a delicious choice, very refreshing, and easy to prepare.





Skinny Chicken Fajitas

You would never guess these delicious Skinny Chicken Fajitas are low calorie! They are so full of flavor and so filling!

271 calories per serving



468 Calories total in three meals!!!  Surprised???
Want to try them? Here is the Skinny Chicken Fajitas Recipe


If you prefer to save all your calories for dinner, this is a great choice and tasty dinner under 500 calories!

Creamy Tarragon Chicken Medallions With Skillet Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans



You can make ingredient variations in these dishes as you prefer, just making sure you are still within 500 calories. You may use any online calorie counters to check and make your calorie counting fast and easy.

Be sure to drink enough water during your fast day.  If you are having other drinks like coffee or tea, be sure not to add sugar.  You may use Stevia or other sugar substitutes but beware of associated health concerns.  With the calories remaining you can have a fruit as snack, there are just 53 calories in an apple, 46 in a cup of watermelon and 10 calories in 10 raspberries (19 gr).

Want to try it? Here is the Creamy Tarragon Chicken Medallions Recipe

Enjoy your fasting day!

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